FB Data Center
FB Data Center
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Data center includes five data centers and more than 250 megawatts of gross power capacity. In each data center, there is an admin area with offices for stuff and main areas with data center equipment. In the Equipment Yard for each data center located 33 generators and expandable, adjacent power substations.

For this project, BES provided:

  • Power and security systems (modeling and coordination SOG and OH branches with other trades, placing power and security devices);
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Systems (modeling and coordinating feeder conduits, placing switchgears per submittals, modeling metering connection);
  • ACCU and CRAC units’ power and control systems modeling;
  • Cable bus for generators;
  • Populating lighting fixtures per submittals.

As final product we delivered:

  • SOG branches layouts
  • OH branches layouts
  • Racks layouts
  • Wall/Beam penetration layouts
  • Cable bus layouts
  • Conduit prefab drawings
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