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This data center has a campus, admin building, and on-site substation. Data centers have 30 times electrical capacity of a normal office building. By using BIM, complicated projects like this are delivered quickly and successfully maintained.

For this project, BES provides:

  • High Voltage Distribution Systems (modeling and coordination underground conduits with other trades, modeling tranches, providing Trimble points layout for field Team, RFID points)
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Systems (feeder conduits and raceway, switchgear, distribution panels)
  • Telecommunications systems (Modeling telecommunications raceways and vaults)
  • Standby Generation and UPS (Including openings layout for exact stub-ups location)
  • EPMS system
  • Power and Telecom Cable trays (Modeling and coordination cable tray systems)
  • Lighting fixtures (Provide families by submittal including necessary info, modeling interior and exterior lighting)
  • Point load calculation for the structural team (Calculation for conduits and cable trays supports)
  • Pull tension calculations for underground raceways

As final product we delivered:

  • Electrical equipment layouts
  • Trench and encasement sections.
  • In-slab conduits layouts
  • OH and UG Conduit layouts
  • Cable tray layouts
  • Opening layouts
  • Rack layouts
  • RCP plans
  • Trimble points layout
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