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Dolphin Facility
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This project is an industrial pharmaceutical building, which has two floors. There is a laboratory on the first floor. The second floor is mainly divided into two zones: the northern one is the office part of the building, and the south one is the mechanical room.
Here we used the advantages of BIM planning: we only had certain places to drop our conduits and wires inside the prefabricated wall frame to provide electricity to all the fixtures and fittings needed for the premises. Also, we did prefab drawings for this project for feeders and skids.

For this project, BES Company offers the following services:

  • Low Voltage Distribution Systems (Modeling equipment as per submittals, distribution panels, feeders and raceways)
  • High Voltage Distribution Systems (modeling and coordination underground conduits with other trades, modeling tranches)
  • Prefab details for electrical equipment
  • Standby Generation and UPS (Including openings layout for exact stub-ups location)
  • Lighting fixtures (creating families as per submittals with all required data, modeling interior and exterior lighting)

As final product we delivered:

  • Electrical equipment layouts
  • Feeder conduit layouts
  • Skid layouts
  • OH Lighting and Power Conduit layouts
  • Rack layouts
  • Control equipment layouts
  • Penetration layouts
  • RCP plans
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