Handy Redlines


Of course you could be sure we’ve considered a lot of things:

Fire protection conditions and requirements for special areas (hazardous, clean areas, etc)

Conduit fill as per wire size and overall diameter of multiconductor cables

Ampacities of insulated conductors and adjustment factors for the raceways (tables 310.15, 310.16 NFPA 70)

Box volume calculation (314.16(A), 314.28 NFPA 70)

ELV system requirements according to NFPA 72,

ANSI/TIA-568 e.t.c.

Voltage drop according to wire length

And many others

At this point we are creating a conduit schedule which we will use later on in the model


Create Redlines

Second step is to create redlines for feeders and all the branches to make sure we've fed all the equipment and devices.

Also we will go through trades drawings to make sure electrical set has all the mechanical and plumbing equipment fed.

As well as P&ID drawings check against electrical sets for industrial buildings. We bet at least a couple of RFIs will be sent to engineers after the review.