Smart Modeling

Constructability and Requirements

From this point we could proceed with the model population.

And the main focus here is on constructability 

and spec


At this stage after conduit population we are


conduit schedule data to Revit so all the conduits have information inside.

RENDER_2 - Photo.jpg
RENDER_8 - Photo.jpg

Spaces around electrical equipment (width, depth, and height) (110.26(A) NFPA 70) and dedicated space to provide access to equipment (110.26 (E) NFPA 70 )

Conduit raceway routing and supports placement

Expansion, expansion-deflection or deflections fittings where necessary according to 300.7(B) NFPA 70

Seismic bracing requirements for MEP systems (ISAT)

RENDER_3 - Photo.jpg

Sleeves and blockouts (in line with structural drawings set)

Inslab conduits modeling following the rules:
- max 3 conduits in group
- 1 feet between groups
- 1 ¼ max size of inslab conduit

And many others